Aia Malik, Product Manager, Healthcare, discusses the journey behind Lucideon’s proprietary iCRT-deter technology, reviewing the escalating prescription abuse problem, abuse deterrent formulation (ADF) drivers and the factors that will shape the future of the iCRT-deter technology, which provides tamper-proofing and enhanced safety of pharmaceuticals. It has been used to give abuse-deterrent features to formulations of opioids and highly potent compounds.

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Addictive compounds such as Hydrocodone and Oxycodone, both opioids, are regularly prescribed for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Opioids work by tempering the perception of pain by the body. However they also boost dopamine levels in particular areas of the brain, resulting in euphoric feelings that may lead to addiction. Extended release formulations can contain up to three times the dose of immediate release products leading some abusers to try to extract the entire available drug to amplify this euphoric effect. With the extensive effects that abuse can incur, from impacting the nervous and cardiovascular systems to the economic costs, it’s unsurprising that the abuse of these compounds has drawn the attention of regulatory and governmental bodies. For manufacturers, reducing the risk of abuse associated with certain compounds has become both a regulatory and ethical issue.