Lucideon has had an article on abuse deterrent formulations (ADFs), ‘The Prescription Abuse Epidemic: Designing a Solution’, published in ONdrugDelivery, the specialist drug delivery publication.

The article, written by Aia Malik, Product Manager, Healthcare, focuses on the need for abuse deterrent solutions for the delivery of prescription drugs, specifically opioids. Opioids are prescribed to treat acute pain, but can be highly addictive when misused. They now pose one of the biggest healthcare threats in the United States and across many other countries due to misuse and abuse.

The article looks at iCRT-deter, a drug delivery platform designed to tackle oral, intravenous and nasal abuse by deterring various known methods of tampering and extraction. It can also protect patients from accidental dose-dumping caused by alcohol consumption. The technology is highly flexible and can be modified depending on your product and application requirements and can be used in conjunction with other technologies such as antagonists.

Download the article here