Dr. Gilda Gasparini

Expertise in: Scale up, Controlled-Release Technology

Senior Chemical Engineer CEng MIChemE

Gilda obtained her degree in Chemical Engineering at the Universitá degli Studi di Bologna, Italy and her PhD in Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University. Her PhD focused on the production of controlled release particles via membrane emulsification and the effects of the process on the release behaviour.


Gilda is part of the Healthcare Materials team, she is primarily responsible for scaling up the iCRT sol-gel technology for controlled release/pharmaceutical applications. She also has a broader role in the Consultancy department working with clients on relevant processing issues in Healthcare and other sectors.


In her previous job, she spent more than 7 years scaling up various chemical processes mainly for the pharmaceutical and fine chemicals industry, in particular moving them from batch to flow. Gilda became a Chartered Chemical Engineer in March 2017.